At the NANOLEK biomedical complex in the Kirov Region, a grand event dedicated to summing up the results of the year was held.

The guests of honour of the event were: Governor of the Kirov Region Igor Vasiliev, Chairman of the Government of the Kirov Region Alexander Churin, First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Kirov Region Dmitry Kurdyumov, and Minister of Economic Development of the Kirov Region Natalia Kryazheva.

Igor Vasiliev awarded the NANOLEK employees for their exceptional contribution to the implementation of projects so much crucial for the region:

·Svetlana Efimova, Deputy General Director for Operations and Partner Relations was awarded for the effective administration of production projects for the full cycle of Glucophage and Concor pharmaceutical products of Merck and successful coordination of interaction with partners;

·Eduard Kuzmin, Head of Production of Solid Dosage Forms got his award for active participation in the launch of the production of the drug named Concor;

·Maxim Kapaev, a chief mechanic, received his award for the implementation of a project to modernize the lines of solid and liquid dosage forms under the state program “Marking of Medicines”.

The Governor expressed his appreciation to the staff and management of the company for their active participation in the life of the region and support of the territory infrastructure.

Summing up the results of the year, the NANOLEK executive managers told the team about the company’s strategy, described the main operational tasks, and shared their plans for long-term development.

Today, the results of the year that is now ending are summed up, and plans are outlined. We thank the Government of the Kirov Region for comprehensive support; our partners - for trust, and our colleagues - for conscientious work!