A joint project organized by the members of the Moscow Innovation Cluster will save the lives of patients who have caught the coronavirus. Sorption columns for the treatment of severe complications of viral pneumonia were delivered to the medical staff in the City clinical hospital No. 40 in Kommunarka.

The participants of the Moscow Innovation Cluster (MIC), which is subordinate to the Moscow Department of entrepreneurship and innovative development — Nanolek and Efferon — donated their in-house developed medical devices for the treatment of severe complications in patients with COVID-19. They were admitted to the state budget healthcare institution of Moscow “City clinical hospital No. 40” in Kommunarka that treats patients with a new coronavirus infection.

The first device - “Efferon CT” - is intended to treat acute respiratory distress syndrome (severe lung damage in patients with pneumonia). The second column — “Efferon LPS” - can be used to purify blood in sepsis which can develop in a weakened body during long-term treatment and in cases where artificial ventilation (ventilators) is used.

Our partners and we want to help doctors who are at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic. We follow international publications and read a lot about anti-cytokine sorption that can improve the condition of the most severe patients with coronavirus pneumonia by reducing peak levels of IL-6 and other cytokines. We hope that the adsorbers we have received will be in demand “on the front line” and help survive this difficult period. I take this opportunity to congratulate Denis Nikolayevich Protsenko on the encouraging news of his recovery, and on behalf of all our team we wish him good health and energy to continue his efforts under challenging conditions,” said Ivan Bessonov, co-founder and Technical Director of Efferon.

“The priority task today is to reduce the percentage of deaths and severe complications in patients. Therefore, we as a socially responsible company want to donate medical devices that will help reduce the mortality rate and reduce the time spent by patients with severe SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) in intensive care units”, said Maxim Stetsyuk, Executive Director of Nanolek.

“Cooperation of participants in launching much-in-demand technology solutions to the market is one of the major tasks of creating a digital platform for the Moscow Innovation Cluster. The strategic partnership between Nanolek and Efferon serves as good example of effective cooperation within the platform”, emphasized Alexey Fursin, Head of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development.