On behalf of Nanolek we would like to address all our friends, colleagues and partners.

Our company produces pharmaceutical products for the prevention and treatment of socially significant diseases. Our mission is to protect the lives and health of people, making the world’s best technologies available to everyone. To everyone who needs them, regardless of their beliefs.

Two years ago, we faced a challenge as the COVID-19 pandemic hit the whole world. And we have proven to our partners and patients, and to ourselves, that the company’s values are not just mere words alone, that they are confirmed by real deeds and a friendly team.

Today, we are witnessing a challenging time once again. We are seeing now a lot of noise, false reports, and even experts fail to verify the facts, however time will put everything in its place.

We want you to know that we are not going to halt production, interrupt deliveries or stop the development process as we have obligations towards our partners and patients who are in vital need of medicines that we produce. That is why we need to continue doing our job. Our experts simply have no right to wallow in sadness and panic. Nowadays, everyone of us needs to organize their thoughts in order to focus on work and at the same time spend more time with their families and loved ones.

Currently, despite a dramatic decline in the ruble exchange rate, our company maintains a stable position. Top managers of Nanolek keep track of events, are in close negotiations with suppliers, partners and customers, and seek to take measures to maintain the solvency of the company.

People need our services. We continue to work.