On October 23, Evgeny Barinov, Deputy General Director for Finance and Digital Technologies of NANOLEK, took part in the annual Summit of CFOs of Russia.

The Summit is the central meeting place of the CFO community from all over Russia and abroad. Representatives of almost all sectors of the economy have the opportunity in a dialogue format to exchange experiences and discuss the latest industry events.

In the panel discussion - CFO in Rapid Development of Information Technology - the experts discussed all the trends and practices in managing the financial function in the context of the rapid development of digitalization. How will the processes change after the introduction of new technologies? What needs to be taken into account when introducing Big Data in a company? How to protect yourself from cyber threats as much as possible? And many others. 

Evgeny Barinov: “The NANOLEK team built the biopharmaceutical plant from scratch. We were engaged in the implementation of a large number of different systems and the automation of financial functions. When building a strategy for the next five years, we are guided by the thesis - “automation is not digitalization”. Automation of processes is a trend of the industrial 20th century. The role of CFOs will definitely shift towards digitalization because these are new business models and digital service platforms. A CFO, in this case, acts as a business partner and ideologist. We support this trend. 

If we talk about digital transformation in general, then, for example, we, as a manufacturer, have the idea of creating a new service, with which you can build your vaccination calendar. It will be a single digital platform that will unite all vaccine manufacturers, clinics, offer a convenient interface for recording, receiving feedback, and other functions. This is an example of how a traditional manufacturer can find its niche in the digital transformation of the industry.”