On March 11, 2021, Mikhail Nekrasov took part in the panel discussion “PHARMA 2030 strategy: renewal effect.” The discussion was moderated by Vladislav Shestakov (Head of the Federal State-Funded Institution “Institute for Medicinal Products and Good Manufacturing Practice”), and was attended by Alexey Alyokhin, Advisor to the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation as well as representatives of pharmaceutical manufacturers and industry experts.

Topics that were discussed: outlook for development of the Russian pharmaceutical industry for the next ten years, import substitution, development of export, refurbishment of Russian pharmaceutical enterprises, development of active pharmaceutical substances and immunobiological drugs, development of pharmaceutical clusters and staff related issues in the pharmaceutical industry.

The pandemic revealed the necessity to move the immunoprophylaxis related issues to the forefront. The Strategy (approved by order of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 2390-r dated September 18, 2020) provides for measures to optimize the National Preventive Immunization Schedule and the calendar of preventive vaccinations as required by epidemic control guidelines.

There are plans to add new vaccines for the prevention of rotavirus infection, chickenpox, human papillomavirus, meningococcal infection. The total economic damages caused by these infections amount to appr. 89 billion rubles.

Mikhail Nekrasov reminded: “Manufacturers of vaccines need to understand the way and time frame for the implementation of the Strategy in order to launch the production by the time specified in the document.

The government has proposed measures to spur investments in industrial production in Russia, such as special investment contracts (SPIC), as well as subsidies provided to the manufacturers to cover parts of the costs in connection with the implementation of projects to set up production facilities and sale competitive drugs on their basis.

Government support tool for SIC is sought after by manufacturers, however it has to be extended in terms of efforts to ensure guaranteed sales of vaccines.”

These measures will cover the population’s needs for immunobiological drugs, and enhance the availability of high-quality, state-of-the-art and safe vaccines as part of public immunization schedules.”