Today, the XIth Gaidar Forum - an expert international scientific and practical conference in the area of Economy attended by world’s leading scientists and politicians, representatives of financial circles and global business elite - has commenced its work in Moscow.

The key topic of the Forum Russia and World: New Decade Challenges covers issues relating to the next decade challenges, economic development, healthcare, digital revolution and forefront of modern research in other areas.

Maksim Stetsyuk, executive director of NANOLEK, participated in the panel discussion Cell and Genetic Technologies Development devoted to detailed consideration of the problem and introduction to the practice and application of innovative gene-therapy and cell technologies in Russia.

Executive director of NANOLEK shared his opinion: “Recently, there have been a lot of discussions relating to discovery of new products that have not yet been invented in the world.

The answer is where joint interests of scientific circles and medical community and business overlap. I am optimistic about the trend for development of discussion venues where regulators, medical experts, patient organisations, commercial sector may meet.

Creation of an innovative product is the basis for early diagnostics development, which result in accumulating expertise by the medical community, expanding young scientists’ knowledge base, development of educational process at institutions and formation of well-prepared young human resources for business. This promising link is to be developed.”