Mikhail Nekrasov, General Director of NANOLEK, took part in the virtual session “Priorities of the Russian Pharmaceutical Sector during the Global Pandemic.” The event was held using the Advantix Pharma Virtual Platform.

The organizers brought together the top managers and representatives of regulatory bodies to discuss Russian pharmaceuticals during the global pandemic. This is because pharmaceutical companies bear a great responsibility in this situation. What challenges did the industry face? What adjustments were needed to be made in the Russian healthcare system? Is it possible to organize the delivery of necessary medicines for their uninterrupted supply? How the priorities and directions of the Pharma-2030 program will change due to the global coronavirus pandemic? These, as well as many other questions, were raised during the discussion.

Mikhail Nekrasov: “The Pharma-2030 program pays exceptional attention to immunology. Now we see an impetus for the development of the immunobiological industry. Around the world, a focus is being placed on research centers and production sites that can provide the population with protective equipment, including immunoprophylaxis vaccines. Yet you must remember that the development of a vaccine is one process. Still, its production is another, and it takes some time. For instance, it takes a year and a half to develop a polio vaccine. To release a sufficient amount of vaccines in an emergency, extra capacity is needed. If a vaccine for coronavirus is developed this July, then the entire population will be vaccinated by the end of next year.

The pandemic has taught us a lot. It is necessary to be well-prepared in order to provide our population with medications and vaccines uninterruptedly.