Dear friends, today, NANOLEK celebrates its birthday.

Although the holiday date fell on a difficult period, this is not a reason not to exchange warm words of support and good wishes. Today, we accept congratulations from our leaders, friends, colleagues, partners, and we want to share joyful moments with you.

Well-wishings from the NANOLEK President Vladimir Khristenko:

“Dear Colleagues, today is the anniversary of NANOLEK. For the pharmaceutical industry, NANOLEK is a very young company. Still, it has already succeeded in proving that it can do a lot. And this is our joint achievement. Of the entire NANOLEK team. I want to say THANKS for your indifference, involvement, professionalism, and dedicated work”.

Well-wishings from the General Director of NANOLEK Mikhail Nekrasov:

Dear colleagues, I wish you a happy anniversary of NANOLEK!I do not get tired of saying that you are NANOLEK’s employees who are behind every success, every number, and every single package. A company is not about constitutional documents or walls of its offices, laboratories, and workshops. A company is PEOPLE, its team; I think - one of the best. For me, it is a great personal pride for what we were able to create together because I know what difficulties it cost us. I wish all our employees good health, good mood, inspiration, creativity, and drive”.


Matthias Wernike, the CEO of Merck in Russia and the CIS countries:

“On this day, I want to convey the warmest congratulations on the anniversary of the company to the NANOLEK team! We are glad for our long and prosperous cooperation. Thanks to collectively implemented localised projects, millions of Russian patients receive uninterrupted medications for the treatment of cardiovascular and endocrine disorders. I wish NANOLEK positive and never-ending progress, continuous development, and new fulfillments!”

As you know, the biomedical complex NANOLEK is located in the Kirov Region. We are pleased to receive a congratulatory address from Governor Igor Vladimirovich Vasiliev:

“I congratulate the NANOLEK team on the anniversary of the founding!

This year, NANOLEK celebrates its 9th anniversary: the company is young, but ambitious, having proved its strength and power in the development of the domestic biopharmaceutical industry and entrepreneurship. NANOLEK laboratories are the basis for the development of Russian biotechnology. The company’s production is an illustration of the effective implementation of international standards in the manufacture of innovative import-substituting drugs that save the lives and health of people in our country.

Historically, the Kirov Region is a region of scientists, the scientific potential of the country. And I, as the head of the region, am pleased that the Vyatka land is home to the NANOLEK Biomedical Complex, which is one of the founders of the world-class scientific and educational centre Biopolis. It is also a scientific and production cluster securing the epidemiological safety and drug independence of our country, the future world leader in immunobiology, the flagship of the development of world science. To date, more than 700 highly qualified jobs have been created at BMK. With the development of Biopolis, their number will only increase. I wish every employee of the company a happy anniversary of NANOLEK, thank you for the dedication and commitment that you demonstrate every day in an uncertain epidemiological environment.

I wish the company sustained growth, development, innovative projects, and successful work!”

Collaboration with significant players in the pharmaceutical market helps to do more to maintain health and save lives. We thank our partners from the company Sanofi for sweet words.

Oksana Monge, the CEO of Sanofi in the countries of the Eurasian region:

“Dear partners, company NANOLEK!

Accept the most sincere congratulations on behalf of Sanofi on your 9th Anniversary! In just a little less than a decade, you have managed to do a lot - created a world-class biopharmaceutical company that produces an extensive portfolio of the most modern medications that Russian patients need - vaccines, drugs for the treatment of HIV, cancer, built your high-tech manufacturing complex, joined partnerships with leading world companies, became one of the key participants in the Russian pharmaceutical market, daily contributing to the development of the domestic pharmaceutical industry.All these are the evidence of the high professionalism of the NANOLEK team, your determination, and faith in your work. We are proud of our partnership with NANOLEK and wish you continued successful development, prosperity, and implementation of strategic plans!”

Congratulations from the head of the Moscow Innovation Cluster Anatoly Valetov:

“On behalf of the Cluster, let me congratulate NANOLEK on the company’s day. NANOLEK, as a resident of the Moscow Innovation Cluster, is a participant in the innovation ecosystem and a driver of future technologies. The expertise gained by the founders of the company and its employees is precious in terms of developing the ties of our Cluster, which was founded for the introduction of innovations and cooperation between business, science, education, and the city.

Dear colleagues, together, we will be able to expand the Cluster’s intellectual capital, do a lot to strengthen the investment attractiveness of projects, set trends in innovative practice, and develop knowledge-intensive sections of the economy. The future is innovation. We wish you prosperity, discoveries, and breakthrough ideas!”