May 16, 2022 Vladimir Nesterenko, a well-known manager in the pharmaceutical industry, is to become the new CEO of Nanolek. Co-founder and former head Mikhail Nekrasov has decided to leave his position to focus on scientific activities.

"The company Nanolek that I have been entrusted to manage, isn't only a well-formed portfolio of medications to treat socially significant diseases, thereby ensuring sustainable growth for the firm, but also one of the best teams on the Russian pharmaceutical market. I'm confident that the infrastructure built over the years the company has been in operation will allow us to implement a successful development strategy that takes into account new regulatory trends and changing market realities," Vladimir Nesterenko said about his appointment.

Vladimir Nesterenko possesses a wealth of managerial experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He began his professional career as a critical care doctor (anesthesiologist) and has a PhD in medicine. He has held senior positions in manufacturing and distribution companies, as well as in retail pharmacy. From 2018 to 2020 he was the CEO of the pharmacy chain 36.6 PJSC, and put in place a new anti-crisis strategy for the company's development during this period. Since 2020 he has been CEO and then owner of 36.6's distribution division, GGP, which in just three years entered the top 10 suppliers in terms of the industry's budget sector. At Nanolek Vladimir Nesterenko plans to maintain and strengthen its system of partnerships with both international and Russian companies, moving towards the goal of becoming a market leader for pediatric vaccines.

"I have long had a dream to develop a drug to treat cancer that involves AI. This is in the area of fundamental science, while at Nanolek we were involved in applied projects with a significantly shorter time to market. There is absolutely no time for scientific activity within a real business setting. I also want to change my pace of work to something calmer to spend more time with my family and pay attention to my own needs," said Mikhail Nekrasov, one of the pioneers of the new Russian pharma, a doctor by profession and CEO of Nanolek from 2011 to 2023 about his resignation. "I'm leaving the company in safe hands and in stable condition."

In 2022 the Nanolek team indeed managed to stay at the level of the previous year and practically maintain turnover, fulfill all of its contracts on time and launch all planned products, despite the break in supply chains and supply difficulties. Nanolek's clear focus on strategic projects, pediatric vaccines, helped maintain stability in the business.

Reference: Nanolek is a modern biopharmaceutical company founded in 2011. It specializes in the production of import-substituting and innovative medicines. The firm is one of the leading producers of pediatric vaccines in Russia. In addition to vaccines, its portfolio includes medications to treat oncological and orphan (rare) diseases.