June 5, 2023, Moscow. Today, in a comment to "Vedomosti", Nanolek publicly confirmed that one of its co-founders, Vladimir Khristenko, sold his shares in the company to partners and management as far back as last year. In parallel, work has been underway on a new management structure for the company aimed at ridding it of its Cypriot "registration".

Nanolek was founded in 2011 by Mikhail Nekrasov, a doctor, scientist, and entrepreneur in the field of biotechnology. Vladimir Khristenko joined him as a shareholder and manager in 2013. The company produces pediatric vaccines, cancer drugs, and medicines for orphan (rare) diseases at its plant in the Kirov Region.

In December 2022, Vladimir Khristenko vacated the post of company president, and today, on 5 June, Nanolek's press service first confirmed to "Vedomosti" that last year he also gave up being a shareholder, selling his shares to partners and management.

On May 16, 2023 Vladimir Nesterenko was appointed as the new CEO, replacing company co-founder Mikhail Nekrasov. Meanwhile, on May 24 a deal was struck making K2 Group (owned by Anton Pak who has headed the company's board of directors for several years) the new owner of Nanolek. Nanolek's previous owner was the Cyprus-based Nanolek Holding Limited, and since April 28 it has been the investment fund Management Asset (also managed by K2 Group).

"In 2022, Vladimir Khristenko ceased being a Nanolek shareholder and also vacated the post of president. In parallel with this, work was also done to substantially simplify the management structure, with a new composition of shareholders," Nanolek's press service explains. "And these changes were reflected in the register in May 2023. The founder of Nanolek LLC was previously Nanolek Holding Limited incorporated in Cyprus. We'd like to recall that Nanolek was originally an entirely Russian company, but like many other participants on the Russian market, were based in Cyprus to facilitate cooperation with international partners (Cyprus is under the jurisdiction of British law). According to new regulatory requirements in place for Russian businesses, the old management structure was no longer relevant, and this was the reason behind the changes that took place".

About Nanolek: Nanolek is a modern biopharmaceutical company, one of the leaders in the production of pediatric vaccines in Russia. It was founded in 2011. The Nanolek plant in the Kirov Region specializes in the production of import-substituting and innovative drugs, both of its own design and developed with the involvement of international partners. In addition to vaccines, the portfolio includes drugs for the treatment of HIV, cancer and orphan diseases.