On October 31, 2023, Kirov Oblast Governor Alexander Sokolov paid a working visit to Nanolek's biotechnology facilities in the Oritchevsky district of Kirov Oblast. During the working visit, the Kirov Oblast Governor Alexander Sokolov and Nanolek CEO Vladimir Nesterenko signed a number of landmark cooperation agreements, including an agreement of intent to carry out a RUB 5 billion investment project for the production of biotech drugs and state-of-the-art vaccines at Nanolek biomedical complex and a roadmap for the development of social infrastructure in the Orichevsk district of Kirov Oblast.

The event was also attended by Mikhail Sandalov, Deputy Chairman of the Government of Kirov Oblast, and Alexander Darensky, Acting Minister of Industry, Entrepreneurship and Trade of Kirov Oblast.

Nanolek and the authorities of Kirov Oblast are working together to improve the investment climate and develop priority areas for the region, including the biotech industry, special economic zone, transportation infrastructure, education, social welfare and employment.

Agreement of intent to carry out the investment project

"Nanolek plans to carry out an investment project under which it will build new facilities for the production of biotech drugs and vaccines to prevent major diseases. More specifically, under the investment project Nanolek plans to manufacture its vaccine against human papillomavirus, the varicella vaccine, the meningococcal vaccine and other vaccines that prevent major diseases. The project will be carried out at the Nanolek biotechnological complex in Lyovintsy, Orichevsk district, Kirov Oblast.

The company plans to carry out the investment project over a period of 7 years, from 2025 to 2032. Nanolek will produce an additional 14 million packs of drugs per year and create 280 new jobs.

RUB 5 billion will be invested in the project. Tax payments over ten years of drug production at the new facilities will total about RUB 4 billion.

In 2011-2023, Nanolek's investments in its biomedical complex in Kirov Oblast totalled more than RUB 12 billion, with tax payments amounting to RUB 2 billion.

Roadmap for the development of social infrastructure in the Orichevsk district of Kirov Oblast

Under the roadmap signed by the parties for the joint development of social infrastructure in Lyovintsy, the Orichevsk district, Kirov Oblast, where the Nanolek plant is located, joint work is planned to support a kindergarten and school under the Kirov Oblast state program "Development of education", as well as Nanolek’s involvement in work to enhance the urban environment in the Orichevsk district and improve public transport infrastructure by extending bus routes and creating an additional bus stop.

"Nanolek has been supporting the Orichevsky district in various ways since 2011, when the construction of the company's plant began.

"In any collaboration, be it public or private, it's a win-win situation. First of all, the people who work at the company live in Kirov, the Orichevsk district or Lyovintsy, and we have signed a dual agreement about exactly that – about the people. Under the agreement we will jointly create social infrastructure, including in relation to education, culture, and housing. We see that the plant is growing fast, production volumes are increasing, and they have occupied a unique niche. Attracting human resources is the number one problem now in Russia. Our colleagues from Nanolek are well aware of this and are searching for solutions. Together we are developing a project to build infrastructure for the people who live here and attract quality human resources via favorable economic conditions," said Alexander Sokolov, Governor of Kirov Oblast.

The CEO of Nanolek Vladimir Nesterenko said, "The partnership between Nanolek and Kirov Oblast began when plans for the construction of the plant were confirmed in 2010, and we have continued to work together to this day. By contributing to the development of the region, we achieve synergy and foster mutual development in various fields. Let me give you an example. Despite the fluid situation regarding the import of foreign parts, Nanolek has sourced partners in the small business segment of Kirov Oblast. In the first 9 months of 2023, the company saved around RUB 50 million by working with local engineering companies and manufacturers of spare parts. I would like to note that parts from Kirov manufacturers have been approved by global quality assurance organizations for use in the production of drugs of Nanolek's partners – international pharmaceutical companies – at our plant in Kirov Oblast. This is testament to the quality of the engineering industry in the region.

Speaking about human resources, I would like to note that the company not only undertakes infrastructure projects in surrounding areas, but also collaborates with Vyatka State University, the region’s main university in the region with great scientific and educational potential.

Such multilateral cooperation in various fields helps Nanolek find solutions to HR problems, manufacture new drugs and grow as a company, and this has contributed to the development of the biotech industry in Kirov Oblast".

About Nanolek: Nanolek is a modern biopharmaceutical company founded in 2011. It specializes in the production of import-substituting and innovative drugs. It is a leader in the production of pediatric vaccines in the Russian Federation. In addition to vaccines, the company's portfolio includes drugs for the treatment of oncological diseases.