Patient safety is a priority for Nanolek, both at the stage of drug development and at the stage when the drug is already registered and widely used in medical practice.

In accordance with the requirements of Russian legislation, international standards and ethical principles, the company monitors the safety of the use of medicines in order to identify possible adverse reactions to other clinically significant information related to the use of Nanolek LLC drugs.

The main tasks of pharmacovigilance are the earliest possible detection of previously unknown drug safety problems, detection of changes in the incidence of adverse reactions, identification of risk factors in the use of a medicinal product and their quantitative assessment, control of the risk-benefit ratio.

Safety monitoring not only enables us to inform regulators and healthcare professionals about adverse reactions when using our products in a timely manner, but also helps us minimize the risks associated with the use of our products, which ensures safe patient therapy.

Please send information immediately if you become aware of:

any adverse events that occurred during the use of drugs

cases of overdose

drug interactions with other drugs or food

use of off-label drugs (contradicting the instructions for medical use

lack of drug efficacy

the use of drugs during pregnancy or lactation, if this is prohibited by the instructions for medical use

unexpected therapeutic effects of drugs

Methods for providing
safety information for
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Report an adverse reaction and get answers to your questions by phone +7 (800) 250-40-69

or by sending an email to

In the form of a message, please describe in detail the course of adverse reactions and provide information about the patient and his medical history

Only accurate and detailed information will allow us to identify adverse reactions and determine the relationship of their occurrence with concurrently used drugs.

By signing and/or sending a message, I authorize employees of Nanolek LLC to contact me if it is necessary to clarify the above information and ask the necessary questions.

Nanolek LLC guarantees the confidentiality of personal data.

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The processing of personal data is carried out in compliance with the principles and rules provided for by Federal Law No. 152-FZ "On Personal Data".
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