The NANOLEK Company became one of the employers of the future

This is the second year when the Agency of Strategic Initiatives (ASI) together with the Business School Skolkovo publishes the results of large-scale research of labour market - "The Atlas of New Professions", executed within an assignment of Vladimir Putin on development of professional standards. The most perspective industries and professions for the next 15–20 years, one of which is a biotechnological industry, are presented in the Atlas, and "biotechnologist" and "biopharmacologist" are called the future professions. The NANOLEK Company was included to the list of employers of this direction.

Over 4000 experts from real sector of economy, scientific and educational community, executive authorities, and experts in the field of global economy, law and labour market took part in research. In the current version of the Atlas changes in the horizon to 2020 and 2035 are analysed in detail by 25 branches, the list and the description of the competences demanded by the employer of the future, is provided, the list of the higher educational institutions ready to give basic education on the listed professions, and the list of the employers ready to employ the experts with other field of skills and competences, are made.

The atlas is designed, first, for parents of children and teenagers who have essential impact on a professional choice of their children; educators and teachers of the comprehensive, specialized secondary and high school. It will help to understand, what kind of industries will actively develop, what kind of new technologies, products and management practices will appear in such industries, and what kind of new experts will be required by employers.

Being actively developing company, which strives to take the leading positions on production of innovative biotechnological medicines and modern vaccines, one of priority tasks of the NANOLEK Company is development of specialists in the field of biotechnologies. This June the first group of students of the professional retraining program "the Development of immunobiological medicines and technologies of their production", prepared by the Vyatka state university" by request of Fund of Innovative and Educational Programs of RUSNANO was created in case of formation of personnel capacity of the NANOLEK Company. The staff of a biomedical complex from the moment of its launching in December 2014 was increased twice. Today 130 employees work at the production platform of the BMC “Nanolek” in the Kirov region. The intake of experts is continuing, because the company actively develops the international cooperation in the direction of localization and a transfer of technologies, concluding partner agreements with the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. 


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