From the localization of import substituted drugs to the manufacture of domestic innovative drug development.

Nanolek is implementing its strategy in two stages, while adhering to state priorities for the development of the domestic pharmaceutical industry and the Pharma-2020 strategy.

At the first stage (2012-2017), the NANOLEK's activity was focused on the priorities of the state policy in the field of import substitution and was aimed at localization on the basis of the production site of the company in the Kirov region producing the most popular high-tech medicines, including those never-before-produced in the Russian Federation.

The next stage (2018-2022) will be introducing to market innovative high-tech in-house developed products, the work on which is being conducted in association with leading Russian research institutes and leading foreign research companies.



Our mission is to ensure the availability of innovative drugs for the treatment of Russian patients.

Strategic activity of our company is the production of pharmaceutical and biotechnological products, including those based on nanotechnologies and nanomaterials.

The Company’s objectives fully correspond to the priorities of the Russian Federation Development Strategy in the Pharmaceutical Industry up to 2020 ("Pharma 2020"), including the policy of import substitution and localization of innovative preparations.

Our activities are focused on the production of domestic and imported pharmaceutical products, whose quality is guaranteed and ensured by the system of embedding quality into all stages of a product life cycle.

In order to achieve the set goals in the field of quality and continuous improvement of its activities, the company introduces the integrated GMP - ISO Quality System, focusing on the following basic principles:

  • responsibility of management, including their commitment to the maintenance and constant improvement of the Quality System and provision of evidence of these obligations fulfillment;
  • staff involvement - continuous improvement and staff training;
  • process approach - building of the enterprise's activity in the form of a chain of interconnected processes;
  • mutually beneficial relationships with contractors - we work only with approved counterparties, whose activities influence or may influence the quality of our products;
  • continuous improvement - we use high-tech equipment and modern technologies.

The key to the implementation of the enterprise's policy in the field of quality are:

  • attitude to staff, as one of the core values of the company and their involvement in the achievement of mutual goals;
  • informed choice of products for the portfolio of the company's products;
  • building the enterprise in accordance with the GMP Rules;
  • a systematic approach aimed at identifying the areas of responsibility and coordination of all the services and divisions;
  • making decisions based on sound factual materials.

The management assumes the responsibility for the implementation of the Quality Policy, including the allocation of the necessary monetary funds for this purpose.